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Mission Statement:

At KLab Photonics, we are dedicated to developing and realizing breakthrough nanophotonic devices through optimization and new material investigation. Our ultimate goal is to use nanophotonics as a platform to provide new solutions for highly integrated digital systems, communication networks, and active devices. Through these pursuits we aim to create an environment that is collaborative, dedicated, creative, and impactful so that we may tackle important problems and educate the next generation of optical scientists.

We hope that you find something of interest to you here!

You can see a sneak peak into our optics and photonics research at VCU in the video below!

Here are a few images which describe our research interests.

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Active Photonic Platforms X Conference

Submit your work to the Active Photonic Platforms X Conference, a part of the SPIE Optics and Photonics Nanoscience and Engineering Conference.

KLab Photonics News
12/6/17 Prof. Volker Sorger visit VCU!

Prof. Sorger joined us at VCU to give a talk on his work in the area of integrated nanophotonics, covering modulators, waveguides, and quantum photonics.

12/4/17 Bubble Soccer with VIP Team

KLab photonics team members joined with the VCU UAV VIP team to enjoy an afternoon of bubble soccer.

11/6/17 Nate attends meeting of National Academy of Sciences in DC!

Nate served as a Serving as a rapporteur for the BEEMA meeting discussing numerical modeling in health sciences.

10/17/2017 KLab receives AFOSR Young Investigator Grant!
9/11/2017 KLab welcomes new PhD student Christopher Deloglos!
8/30/2017 KLab welcomes new Optics & Photonics VIP team!
8/25/2017 KLab welcomes new PhD student Dhruv Fomra!

Dhruv Fomra

8/25/2017 KLab welcomes High School students Logan & Sam to the team!
8/21/2017 Checking out the Solar Eclipse at VCU
6/14/17 KLab receives grant from VCU President!

Klab receives a new grant from the VCU President to study the design, optimization, and fabrication of nanoscale optical switches for next generation telecommunications networks.

6/14/17 Paper published in Nature Communications!

Collaborative work with Heriot-Watt University and Purdue University studying nonlinear responses in thin Al doped ZnO films was published in Nature Communications!

Find the paper here

6/12/2017 Commonwealth Conference on Defense and National Intelligence

Nate presenting research at the CCDNI conference at Univ. of Virginia, where acadmics, industrical partners, and government officals were brought together to advance national defense and intelligence.

6/8/2017 Paper published in Advanced Optical Materials

Recent work in collaboration with Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva and Prof. Vladimir Shalaev at Purdue University on ultrathin TiN films was published in Adv. Opt. Mater.

Find the paper here

6/8/2017 KLab receives grant from US Army!

In collaboration with Prof. Triplett (VCU) and Fibertek Inc., Klab will investigate new ways to protect equipment and soldiers from lasers.

See announcement here

5/4/17 Integrated Nanophotonics Review Back in Top 10 Downloads for JOSA B

Check out our review on alternative materials and integrated nanophotonics which keeps making an impact, reaching the top 10 downloaded papers for JOSA B in April.

Check out the publications here