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Mission Statement:

At KLab Photonics, we are dedicated to developing and realizing breakthrough nanophotonic devices through optimization and new material investigation. Our ultimate goal is to use nanophotonics as a platform to provide new solutions for highly integrated digital systems, communication networks, and active devices. Through these pursuits we aim to create an environment that is collaborative, dedicated, creative, and impactful so that we may tackle important problems and educate the next generation of optical scientists.

PhD Students Wanted:

We are currently looking for highly motivated graduate students to join our team. Current needs center around existing projects in integrated nanophotonics and extreme nonlinear optics. Students will participate in all phases of the project life cycle, simulation, design, fabrication, and experiment and will receive direct mentoring by Prof. Kinsey. Prior experience in optics and/or fabrication is highly desired. Fellowships are available for highly qualified candidates. Direct PhD programs are also available for BS students. Come join one of the rising research groups in nanophotonics!

Interested? Contact Prof. Kinsey by email  nkinsey@vcu.edu

KLab Photonics News:

10/2/2018 – Research group enjoys some fall weather in Shenandoah!

10/2/2018 – Announcing the new VCU SPIE Student Chapter!

Optics is alive and growing at VCU, and the founding of our own SPIE Student Chapter is a key step! The newly formed chapter will provide a place for VCU students to get involved in optics and coordinate for new outreach events to the community. Stay tuned for new events and meetings as we get going!


5/20/2018 – New Funding from NSF ECCS 

KLab recently received a new grant from the Electrical, Communications, and Cyber Systems Division of NSF to support the development of integrated optical modulators for telecommunications.


5/20/2018 – Catching up with friends at CLEO 2018

Great to see so many good friends again and see where life has taken them! We have quite a posse of current and former Purdue researchers. You all make science great!


5/18/2018 – Ray Secondo presents work at CLEO 2018

PhD student presented two posters on his work developing TiN films using atomic layer deposition and modeling of optical resonances in ink-jet printed structures. Check the publications tab for more information.


5/10/2018 – DERI Students show off their project at end of year ceremony

Logan and Sam show their outstanding work developing an arduino-based fiber optic communication link at the end of year DERI ceremony. Thank you for all of your hard work and we will miss you as head on to your next adventure!


5/4/2018 – Student Ray Secondo wins ECE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award and is a Finalist for College wide award!  

Congradulations to Ray on his excellent accomplishment and dedication to helping students at VCU!

4/27/2018 – VIP and Senior Design Teams rock the VCU Capstone Expo

The senior Design team presented their work developing a novel nanofabrication tool based on a commercial blu-ray drive to significant fanfare. VIP teams developing a laser characterization system and acoustic metamaterials were also a big hit, explaining the role of optics and photonics to elementary students and professors.

See the teaching page for more information on student projects.

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4/26/2018 – Recent work on optical modulators featured around the world

Check out the coverage of the recent work below including phys.org, yahoo news, nanowerk, and others! Keep checking back for more updates.

Study to power next generation optical telecommunications published in the journal Nature

Switch controls light on a nanoscale for faster information processing

Plasmonic modulator could lead to a new breed of electro-optic computer chips

Breaking bottlenecks to the electronic-photonic information technology revolution

4/25/2018 – New nanoscale hybrid plasmonic-photonic modulator published in Nature

The research in collaboration with ETH Zurich, Purdue University, and the University of Washington demonstrates a new approach to hybrid modulators by utilizing plasmonic loss-selection.

See the paper: Low-loss plasmon-assisted electro-optic modulator


4/25/2018 – Partnering with the National Photonics Initiative, Dr.’s Kinsey and Ozgur meet with Congress!

Researchers from across the US descended upon Capitol Hill to meet with members of congress and discuss the important role optics and photonics plays in our society today.  We met with 5 members from NY and VA to emphasize the impact basic and applied research has on our local communities!


4/25/2018 – Laser Characterization VIP Team presents at the VCU Undergrad Research Symposium


4/16/2018 – See you in Whistler for ETCMOS 2018!

Nate is giving an invited talk at the Emerging Technologies Communications Microsystems Optoelectronics Sensors Conference in Whistler Canada. Look forward to seeing you there!

4/16/2018 – Upcoming presentations at CLEO and SPIE Optics & Photonics!

Attending CLEO or SPIE? Stop by to see some recent work at KLab on integrated plasmonics and materials development presented by graduate students Ray Secondo and Dhruv Fomra! Nate will also be giving an invited talk on nonlinear optics at SPIE during the Metamaterials, Metadevices, and Metasystems conference. See publications page for more details.

3/26/2018 – Check out new paper published in Adv. Material Interfaces!

See the latest article published in collaboration with Prof. Hong Zhao of VCU looking at the formation of near monolayer hexagonal arrays of polystyrene spheres and their optical properties. See publications page for more details.


3/26/2018 – New Roadmap for Plasmonics plots the course!

We invite you to check out the latest in the Journal of Optics Roadmap series where leading researchers from across the field of plasmonics discuss their views on the road-ahead.  See publications page for more details.

1/25/2018 – KLab Optics in the News!

Check out the article posted on phys.org covering the recent AFOSR supported research at KLabs!

12/6/2017 – Prof. Volker Sorger visits VCU!

Prof. Sorger joined us at VCU to give a talk on his work in the area of integrated nanophotonics, covering modulators, waveguides, and quantum photonics.

sorger visits vcu

12/4/2017 – Bubble Soccer 

KLab photonics team members joined with the VCU UAV VIP team to enjoy an afternoon of bubble soccer.


11/6/2017 – Nate attends meeting of the National Academies

Nate served as a Serving as a rapporteur for the BEMA meeting discussing numerical modeling in health sciences.


10/17/2017 – KLab receives AFOSR Young Investigator Grant

Nate’s proposal to study nonlinear optical processes in materials with a near-zero-refractive index was selected for funding through the AFOSR Young Investigator Program.